Cypripedium Calceolus, or more commonly known as Lady Slipper Orchids, are a genus of 58 species of Orchid that are widespread across much of the Northern Hemisphere including most of Europe, Russia, China, Central Asia, Canada the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

They are popular among gardeners because they can withstand extreme cold, and can even survive in snowy environments, blooming in spring as the snow melts.


They can be planted in pots for container gardening, or in the ground as a low maintenance addition. Watering of your orchids is simple too. They prefer to be watered in the morning or evening, but make sure that you don’t get water on the leaves. Also, if you are container gardening in pots, ensure that your hardy orchids have proper drainage in the pots and that the soil will not retain too much water.

The Cypripedium Calceolus, aka the Lady Slipper Orchid

Beginning with Cypripedium Calceolus, prepare a mix of universal soil and lava soil to ensure proper drainage to your orchid. Some of the orchids have a spreading habit meaning that as the plant matures, you will have a more impressive garden display year after year. The plants come in a wide range of bloom shapes, and colors, from whites to reds, and browns to purples, and almost every color in between.

They are an amazing addition to any garden, and are a unique way to set your garden apart. Whether you are looking to try something new this year, or have had experience with orchids before, Lady Slipper orchids are a fun and colorful addition to your space.

In the winter, the plant retreats and survives in rhizomes and does not require any special care, making it ideal for low maintenance gardening.

In addition to being an easy care plant, hardy orchids can survive in their rhizome through winter months up to a temperature of -­‐30°C, with new shoots appearing in April or May. If you are just starting with your Cypripedium Calceolus, if they are planted before the end of February, you can expect it to grow up to 50­‐70 cm by the following spring. Garden orchids do not need to be replanted or moved once they are planted, and require no additional care once they have established in your garden.

Garden orchids are Low Maintenance

When deciding where to plant your new Lady Slipper Orchid, keep in mind that they prefer cool and shady places because they are naturally found in undergrowth or wet meadows. Except for two species, Bletilla and Pleione, which are sun loving perennial orchids, all others should be places in covered or shaded areas during the summer. More that extreme cold, heat is what perennial orchids fear most.

For beginners, or anyone looking to add something new and exciting to their garden this year, Bletilla striata purple, Epipactis gigantean, or Cypripedium reginae are three families of orchids to look into planting this year. These orchids can be purchased online at through Credit Cards, Debit Cards supported by HiPay, Paypal, or Wire Transfer. The Hardy Orchids are also available on Amazon, which you can access through this link They ship everywhere in Europe and UK. If you are outside of this region, please contact the site for further information.

Written by Gary McNab, for Phytesia Orchids