Agapanthus ‘Bluestorm’ at Van Meuwen


Agapanthus ‘Bluestorm’ is a new variety of Agapanthus, which has been bred specifically for its flowers. In June, this African Blue Lily grows an abundance of blue blooms on stiff stems, perfect for cut flower displays. It also boasts a long season, ensuring that your cottage garden remains colourful and interesting until the late summer. However, Agapanthus ‘Atiblu’ is by no means a one-trick pony; its strap-shaped, semi-evergreen foliage can be used to add structure to sunny borders. You won’t even have to worry about its wellbeing when you go on holiday, for this hardy perennial tolerates drought exceptionally well, making it a good all-round plant. Height: 75cm (2’6). Spread: 50cm (1’8).
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Agapanthus 'Bluestorm'

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