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Complete food and drink for your plants and hanging baskets. A true garden essential, RainGel & Feed contains an especially formulated high water absorption crystal, which locks in water and swells up to a gel in your hanging baskets, tubs and pots.
A couple of teaspoonsful per hanging basket holds a litre of water for your plants, so they do not dry out in summer, meaning less water, less time watering – and better results as all that water is locked in to the root system, where it can be used to keep your plants flourishing.
The coloured granules contain slow release fertiliser over a period of 6 months. Each granule contains a small dose of balanced fertiliser, slowly feeding your plants roots. For best results, mix in at planting out and filling your baskets. Supplied as a 150g tub, which treats about 4-6 standard hanging baskets or similar sized pots for one season. The resealabale container keeps the granules dry, and will keep for 3 years or so if stored in a cool, dry spot.
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Rain Gel & Feed 150g trial pack

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