Paphiopedilum, which is also commonly known as Hardy Lady Slippers, is a kind of the genus of incredibly famous orchids that also possess the pouch-like the lips (that usually resemble like the slipper of a lady. These are the orchids that usually originate in tropical forests of the Asia or the southern India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines as well as New Guinea, thus they are even referred as Asian Lady Slipper, as well as at times, even as the plain slipper kind of the orchids.
lady1This is the genus got their name from the botanist Ernest Pfitzer that also used Greek words such as paphos, the Greek island that is quite much popular for their temple to the Venus (as well as pedilon that usually means sandal. On the other hand, the scientific name is hence consistent through the most unique as well as identifying the slipper like the appearance of flower lip. On the other hand there are nearly 100 species that are also recognized under such kid of the genus, that also consist several varietal forms as well as about 23 natural hybrids, of some of the hybrids that are extremely awarded. Unluckily, Paphiopedilums have also not yet been highly successfully cloned; as the final result of awarded hybrids might be really quite much expensive. Fortunately, Paphiopedilum species as well as different hybrids can also be positively grown from the seed so these are reasonably as well as perfectly priced.

In the native habitats, these Paphiopedilums usually are mainly semi-terrestrial; they are also growing in the humus as well as different materials on lady2forest floor, and also on the pockets of the humus on the cliffs. On the other hand, a few of them are also occasionally grown on the trees. They even have the growth habit that is quite much sympodial.
They are the orchids that are quite much famous among the beginners as well as among the expert growers as well. Many are the species that are even quite much simple as well as easy to bloom, hence they usually reward novice grower with the most gorgeous flowers which also are quite much long lasting. On the other hand even the slipper orchids are also known to stay in the bloom for about 6-8 weeks.

Many of such species as well as hybrids provided for such kind of the sale are also quite much simple to grow as well as to produce the most stunning blooms as well as foliage, in that way making these to be essential and the important pieces in the beginners’ as well as the collections of the experts’.

The flowers that they produce are also found in most dazzling variety of the colors as well as forms. These are usual colors that also consist of the white, yellow, green, earth tones, purple, pink, purple as well as red. On the other hand, these flowers might also emerge in singles and also in these multiples on the flower stem.

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