The best Swimming Pool App to prevent Algae

Swimming Pool App

It’s time to reopen your Garden’s most funny element: your Swimming Pool. This year, take control of your Pool Chemicals, making sure you keep your kids safe from eyes burn and make your water the best looking in the neighborhood. When ordering iopool Swimming Pool App, you will receive your EcO monitor and all you’ll […]

Cyber Monday at Garden Orchids

Enjoy Cyber Monday! For Cyber Monday, Vegetal Valley offers you the Duo Pack Cypripedium Reginae & Ulla Silkens at 25% off! Use the coupon code CYBER2017 to activate your discount! This offer will be valid this Monday, November 27th until midnight, hurry up! The Cypripedium Orchids The new Cypripedium shoots usually appear during April; except […]

It’s Black Friday at Garden Orchids

Black Friday: 25% off on the 6 Pleione kit! On the occasion of the Black Friday, Garden Òrchid offers a 25% discount on the 6 Pleione kit, to embellish your gardens and balconies without ruining you! From Friday November 24th to Sunday November 26th at midnight, the promotional code BLACKF2017 will allow you to benefit […]

Epipactis gigantea “Serpentine Night”

This perennial orchid, yellowish-orange and purple-red in colour, blooms in summer (June, July, August) and reaches 70 to 100cm in height. “Serpentine Night”: a vigorous orchid Ideally, it should be planted in a part of the garden that is half sunny, half-shaded, where it can survive at temperatures of up to -20°C. It is delivered […]

Serpentine Night, the Californian Epipactis gigantea hardy orchid

The Serpentine Night hardy orchid is a Californian Epipactis gigantea that Phytesia managed to reproduce and breed in its lab. Prolific, fast-growing Serpentine Night Epipactis orchids The Epipactis genus is well represented around the planet. Epipactis is one of the most prolific orchids, and over the seasons, the plants spread widely with underground rhizomes. Planted […]