We respect the biological rhythms of plants. We do not store the plants in cold storage and does not sell plants bred in greenhouses, esthetically nice but fragile.

Our hardy orchids are growing high in their pots, outside or in unheated greenhouse open, in conditions similar to those of a garden. Thus, the plants you will receive will of course be adapted to the European climate and “accustomed” to resist temperatures largely negative … All our varieties are grown and between 2 and 5 years before commercialization. Plants sold on this site are adult plants (flowering in the year).

The Phytesia guarantee

Phytesia Guarantee

We will ship a garden orchid at any time during the year

All our plants are delivered in 1l jar (containing the appropriate substrate). Depending on the time of your order, you’ll receive a dormant plant (fall – winter bulbs or underground rhizomes in their pot), or a growing plant (spring: orchid vegetation). We do not deliver the plants during flowering to avoid damaging it.

We control the quality of each of our garden orchids before shipment, and compliance of the package with the command. If a plant seems small, we put it aside.

If, despite our efforts, you were disappointed with a plant you received, please send us an email to [email protected].

Our plants are shipped by express mail in a container design for hardy orchids.

Depending on the destination, your plants will be delivered by post-Taxi, Collisimo, Chronopost, …. In all cases, a signature is requested at reception. If this is not possible, you will have the opportunity to request a second pass or remove your plants in a place that will be indicated. It is also possible to request delivery control in a removal point. Shipments fees are calculated as accurately (depending on order volume) as we can and are offered for all orders Phytesia over 6 plants or more.

During the growing season, the garden orchidsĀ are sent uniquely early in the week so that they arrive freshly before the weekend. In general (over 90% of cases), delivery is carried within 1 to 4 days after departure. The plants leave from our facility Tinlot (Belgium). They are packed as late as possible on the day of shipment. They are packed in cardboard boxes (dormant plants) or protective cover (vegetation plants). We take special care to send you a quality product in the best conditions.

However, the transportation time may slightly dry the soil of your plant. Therefore, remember, upon receipt of your plant, although re-moisten the substrate (especially if the plants are already in vegetation). The transport remains our responsibility. As such, we assume the consequences of a transportation problem, except in cases of gross negligence (like not respond to several reminders of the carrier or from us).