Potted Perennial Plant Bundle Despatching Now!

DESPATCHING NOW – Fill the gaps in your beds, borders and patio pots with this versatile Potted Perennial Plant Bundle at Thompson & Morgan!

Potted Perennial Plant Bundle Despatching Now at Thompson & Morgan!
Potted Perennial Plant Bundle

These hardy herbaceous plants provide a good range of height and colour, with shade tolerant varieties and sun lovers too, so there’s something for every spot in the garden. Supplied in 9cm pots, they can be planted straight out in the garden or grown on to make larger plants for the following spring.

Each collection is handpicked and will include favourites such as digitalis, lupin, geum, coreopsis, heuchera and more.

Potted Perennial Plant Bundle at such a good price!

To allow us to offer you such a good price, we can’t take orders for specific varieties, but whatever we decide to send, you won’t be disappointed. Please note, images are for illustration purposes only, and the selection that you receive may differ.

10 x 9cm potted plants worth £66.63 NOW £15… that’s ONLY £1.50 EACH!

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We will ship a Garden Plant at any time during the year

All our plants are delivered in 1l jar (containing the appropriate substrate). Depending on the time of your order, you’ll receive a dormant plant (fall – winter bulbs or underground rhizomes in their pot), or a growing plant (spring: orchid vegetation). We do not deliver the plants during flowering to avoid damaging it.

We control the quality of each of our garden orchids before shipment, and compliance of the package with the command. If a plant seems small, we put it aside.

If, despite our efforts, you were disappointed with a plant you received, please send us an email.

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