Welcome to our website! Phytesia Garden Orchids UK specializes in intermediate and cool growing orchids. We are proud to ship orchids everywhere in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

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If you live outside these regions, you can contact us before placing an order. Your hardy Ulla Lady’s Slipper orchid will arrive in a one-liter container as a flowering size plant with 1-2 shoots, ready to be planted in your garden. We have been in the orchid business for decades, brings with many years of orchid experience. We have a large variety of orchids on display in our garden as we are constantly evolving with the floral industry. We are the leading producers all orchid plants. Unlike other merchandisers, we painstakingly grow the orchids ourselves. These plants are grown in one place, flowered in another, and ultimately shipped. The love of flowers and our desire to grow them lead us into this fascinating world of growing plants. We now grow and produce the widest range of orchids of anyone in the UK, with a clutch of awards and vast knowledge, here to help you with your orchids. We strive to dispel the myth that orchids are fragile, or hard to grow, and offer our knowledge, skills and support to help people be successful orchid growers. As one of the largest orchid growers in the world, we offer hundreds of varieties to choose from in a range of stunning colors, shapes and sizes. We’re delighted to bring easy-care, long-lasting orchids to our customers throughout Europe. We want every person to be successful growing orchids.

The largest selection of orchid species and hybrids available in the UK

We hand grow millions of beautiful, high-quality orchids every year. We have the largest selection of orchid species and hybrids available in the UK. We can send any orchids, anywhere in Europe and the United Kingdom. Our fast services will get the orchid to you safely with expert packing, even in full bloom! You can order with confidence and know that your orchids will arrive intact. Our aims and objective is to provide the finest specimens to people who wish to share and enjoy the beauty of nature's most evolved floral gift. Over the years, our commitment to orchids has never wavered. We invite you to come and see our blooming display of orchids.

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