We selected dozens of varieties, providing a wide range of colors, sizes or flowering periods. Moreover, our range is expanding every month and we regularly offer new varieties.


Pascal Lambe

Pascal Lambe
Managing Director

The in vitro production technology as adapted to perennial orchids was first developed in 1999 by Pascal Lambé.

Sarah Docquier

Sarah Docquier
R&D Manager

Sarah Docquier holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and is in charge of the Garden Orchid Phytesia Laboratory in Belgium.

Stephan Pire
Marketing Reps

Stephan Pire’s Team handles all the Marketing effort from Garden Orchid UK as well as from Amazon

Our offer includes hardy varieties resistant to the strongest winters (-20 ° C to -30 ° C) (Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Bletilla …) and semi-hardy varieties supporting light frosts (-10 ° C) ( Calanthe, Pleione …) particularly suited for growing in pots or the Mediterranean climate.

In order to best advise you and facilitate your choice, we offer three product categories:

Easy Garden : the most vigorous perennial Orchids, particularly suitable for optimum results in various environments. These varieties are recommended for a public “beginner” or wishing quickly enjoy the beauty of towering clumps of garden orchids at a very affordable price.

Trendy Garden : most original varieties, relatively rare but still with excellent behavior garden provided you follow some basic rules.

Collection Garden : delicate varieties requiring relatively specific implantation conditions and addressing an informed audience in search of the rare orchid …