Set of 2 Large Vence Planters at Garden Trading


Indulge yourself, and your garden in classical style and timeless luxury with our sophisticated Vence ribbed Planters.  OurVence Planter takes its charming title from the historic village ofVence itself; set in the hills of the Alpes Maritimes its traditionalculture offered the perfect inspiration. Inspiring in bothname and design, we’ve encompassed the traditions and original shaping’sof a historic washing dolly and combined them seamlessly with ourcustomary modern approach, to achieve an outdoor planter that revels inheritage, character and a uniquely designed identity.  Carefullyshaped from zinc-plated steel, ensuring a visible truth to its originsand distinctive contours, it makes for a hardwearing and durableaddition to your garden. Exhibit your Vence Planters in front of anoutside window, by a door or on a patio to create a stunning feature.   OurVence Planters, with its contemporary edge and engineered style, forcesits robust design into any garden. With its versatile shaping and washedmetallic shade you’ll enjoy indulging your garden in its heritage andtraditional, washing away any gardening blues.

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