Choosing Orchid pots when repotting

Choosing orchid pots when repotting is a tricky exercise. Decide what size orchid pots to use when repotting your semi-hardy hardy orchid. Pleione, Calanthes and Spiranthes are semi-hardy (-10°) orchids. This means they have to be protected when Winter reaches below -10°c. When repotting an orchid, you’ll need a pot just an inch or so bigger than the pot the orchid originally came in.

Choosing Orchid Pots

You want to provide a little more space, but not too much – otherwise, the orchid will concentrate its energy on growing roots, and you won’t see flowering for many months. Look for a plastic, clay, glass or ceramic pot suitable for your orchid size.

Orchid pots must have drainage holes

Make sure the new pot has drainage holes. If it doesn’t drain properly, the orchid roots will rot.
Some orchid species have roots that can photosynthesize. If you have a Phalaenopsis, consider getting a clear glass or plastic pot to let the sunlight in.
If you need to choose a pot that’s on the larger side, you might want to add some broken terra cotta chips to the bottom of the pot. This will help the potting material in the middle of the pot, which tends to stay wet, drain more effectively.

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