Compost on Garden Orchids UK

Compost is a mix of peats and wood fibres that will make up for any deficiencies in your garden soil and ensure your plants receive the nutrients that they need. Adding it to your soil is the ideal way to create an optimum growing environment, and there’s a simple way to add it to the mix. Our partners YouGarden have premium grade for sale that’s perfect for your budding plants.

Compost category at YouGarden

Our multi purpose composting is of the very highest grade to enable your garden to reach it’s full potential. We use only the very best ingredients so it’s of the highest quality and allows the greatest amount of air to reach your plants. It’s specially formulated to help your plants and flowers to grow and bloom perfectly.

A well composted garden is simply the best way to get the most from your plants and flowers with the least time and effort on our part. Please don’t assume that the cheap product you can buy from a local DIY store is of high quality. Our products for sale here at YouGarden contains high grade peats and wood fibres to create a perfect growing environment, you’ll be able to tell the difference from the light and fluffy feel. Just add it to your existing beds or pots and rest in the knowledge that your garden is well provided with nutrient rich soil.


Using compost will ensure that your soil holds plenty of moisture for your growing plants, unlike regular soil that is often deficient in water holding materials, so your hard work watering and caring for your plants simply drains away. Add composting to the mix and you’ll know that your plants are offered the very best environment in which they can flourish.

Garden composting can also be a fantastic deterrent to unwanted seeds, plants and weeds. Simply adding it to an already established bed can help your existing plants flourish, while acting as a barrier to any weeds trying to take seed amongst your hard work!

Just use our high quality multi purpose compost available on the YouGarden website and be assured that you’ve given your garden the very best, and that you will reap the rewards this season and for seasons to come! It is so important to provide your beds and garden with an optimum growing environment, and our composting product is the easy way to achieve that perfect balance for your seedlings.

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