Serpentine Night, the Californian Epipactis gigantea hardy orchid

The Serpentine Night hardy orchid is a Californian Epipactis gigantea that Phytesia managed to reproduce and breed in its lab.
Serpentine Night

Prolific, fast-growing Serpentine Night Epipactis orchids

The Epipactis genus is well represented around the planet. Epipactis is one of the most prolific orchids, and over the seasons, the plants spread widely with underground rhizomes. Planted under good conditions, these orchids can rapidly grow colonies of several dozen plants.

This orchid thrives in flowerbeds as well as around water, and also does quite well potted. Cool, humid, light soil is optimal.

The Epipactis gigantea ‘Serpentine Night’ cultivar is a Californian variety of Epipactis gigantea

This variety is notable for its dark, red-purple leaves. It’s a large, easy to grow, and hardy garden orchid, blooming from late May through July with nuanced orange-yellow inflorescences.

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Discover the many flower colors in our full range of Epipactis varieties

 – Epipactis gigantea (giant helleborine or stream orchid) is a terrestrial orchid from the Western United States, also named Californian Epipactis. This species can reach as high as 70cm after a few years.

 – Epipactis palustris (marsh helleborine) originates from Europe. Its hanging, purplish green-brown flowers have purple-striped white labella, borne in bunches on the stem. Epipactis palustris grows best in sunlit humid zones.

 – Epipactis ‘Sabine’ is a hybrid between Epipactis gigantea and Epipactis palustris. This is a really easy orchid to grow. Flowers bloom from a floral shaft between 70 and 100 cm long. The beautiful flowers are a delicious mix of colors from yellow to red, with pink tones.

Serpentine Night, our nice hardy orchid

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