10% Easter offer at Phytesia on rare Cypripedium orchids

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Easter offer for 6 Cypripedium at Phytesia

We gathered 6 Cypripedium Hardy Orchids in a new kit. If you’re part of the Phytesia Club, you will automatically receive a voucher code for this offer (including the Cypripedium 6-pack kit). The offer is available till Midnight on March 29 2016.

The selected Cypripedium rare orchids are:

The 10% promo code is also available on each of the Cypripedium kit‘s orchids.

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Insights on growing Cypripedium orchids

Planting your Lady Slipper

Cypripedium prefer soil that is low in organic matter and has good draining properties. Airing the soil is recommended, using a mineral substrate (at least 50%) such as sand, Argex, pouzzolane or ideally lava stone (vulca). As organic matter, a little finely crushed pine bark or some compost based on coconut leaves or fibres could be added.

It is important not only that the rhizomes of the Cypripedium do not desiccate in summer but also that they are not immersed in winter. The various mineral substrates will ensure good moisture retention in summer while encouraging good drainage during the winter.

Exposure for your Cypripedium

In the garden, we recommend planting Cypripedium in a cool, shaded or semi-shaded place. Sunlight at the hottest hours of the day is to be avoided.

Growth Phase of the Lady Orchid

During the winter, the plant persists in rhizome form and does not require any special protection.

The new Cypripedium shoots usually appear during April. Once started, the vegetation grows very quickly; in 3 to 5 weeks, the foliage has opened out. The flowering extends from the end of April to June. At the end of the summer, the foliage yellows then fades before disappearing completely. Cypripedium then go into their winter dormancy.

Over the years and following the successive growth and dormancy cycles, Cypripedium not only become stronger but also multiply, thanks to the annual appearance of new shoots.

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