Epipactis gigantea “Serpentine Night”

This perennial orchid, yellowish-orange and purple-red in colour, blooms in summer (June, July, August) and reaches 70 to 100cm in height.

Serpentine Night

“Serpentine Night”: a vigorous orchid

Ideally, it should be planted in a part of the garden that is half sunny, half-shaded, where it can survive at temperatures of up to -20°C.
It is delivered in a port of 1 pound in the form of a mature plant (2-3 stems), to flower in the year.

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A colourful orchid!

Epipactis, orchids with rapid multiplication

The genus Epipactis is represented all over the planet. Epipactis are among the most proliferative orchids. Over the years, they spread rapidly through their underground rhizome. Installed in good conditions, these orchids can quickly form colonies of several tens of feet.
This orchid thrives in flowerbeds as well as around water, and also does quite well potted. Cool, humid, light soil is optimal.

Serpentine Night
Serpentine Night

“Serpentine Night”, a Californian selection

The Epipactis gigantea “Serpentine Night” is a Californian selection from the Epipactis gigantea. It is distinguished by its dark foliage of a purple-red color. It is a large, hardy and easily cultivated terrestrial orchid, showing from the end of May to July typical orchid flower stems with orangey yellow shades.

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