This is not an orchid for your kitchen….. but for your garden

Orchids are above all known by the general public as being plants of tropical origin (South America, Asia, Africa…) intended to be kept within our homes, not for your garden. A large number of varieties however exists in this large plant family that can easily be cultivated in our gardens. We aim for your garden […]

10% Easter offer at Phytesia on rare Cypripedium orchids

Easter offer for 6 Cypripedium at Phytesia We gathered 6 Cypripedium Hardy Orchids in a new kit. If you’re part of the Phytesia Club, you will automatically receive a voucher code for this offer (including the Cypripedium 6-pack kit). The offer is available till Midnight on March 29 2016. The selected Cypripedium rare orchids are: […]

Cypripedium reginae, The Queen Lady Slipper

Cypripedium reginae, more commonly known as Queen Lady Slipper orchid or The Queen’s Lady’s-Spiller, is one of the most easily recognized varieties of hardy orchids. It has white and pink flowers and can grow to a height in the garden of 70-100cm when matured. The flowers are quite interesting, with a pink bucket shaped mouth, […]

British Pound’s Brexit Dramatic drop

British Pound Brexit and the dramatic drop in the prices As you probably know, the British currency suffered badly from the Brexit this Friday 24th. Today, an awful lot of ecommerce shops have been suspending activities due to the currency exchange cost increase. Some of them have increased the prices up to +15%. At Phytesia, […]

Cypripedium Calceolus in uk

Cypripedium Calceolus in UK is extremely popular. More commonly known as Lady Slipper Orchids, those Cypripedium orchids are a genus of 58 species of Orchid that are widespread across much of the Northern Hemisphere including most of Europe, Russia, China, Central Asia, Canada the United States, Mexico, and Central America. Cypripedium Calceolus in UK are […]

American Orchids: Happy 4th of July America!

You can get the North American orchids at Phytesia. To celebrate the 4th of July, we just got a full American kit of hardy orchids. American Orchids for your garden Content of the American Orchids kit Get an American touch to your garden and pick our 6 garden orchids North American assortment: Cypripedium Californicum Cypripedium […]

Cypripedium Hybrids: 2 new garden orchids at Phytesia

Cypripedium hybrids are the result of crossing two wild or botanical species. Those orchids are generally distinguished by increased vigor (hybrid vigor). These hybrids are more vigorous effect, which results in faster appearance of new stems. It is not uncommon that hybrid varieties  manage to produce 10-20 flower stems in a few years. This year, Phytesia offers 2 […]

Growing Hardy Orchids: our 3 favorite books

Our favorite book on Growing Hardy Orchids is a best seller from Kew Growing. You will find our Top 3 in this post. Growing Hardy Orchids (Kew Growing) Paperback – 1 Sep 2011 Authors: Philip Seaton, Margaret Ramsay, Phillip Cribb, Grace Prendergast, John Haggar. Growing Hardy Orchids introduces an exciting array of orchids from 47 […]